Why study with us

The faculty possesses facilities and laboratories equipped with cutting-edge devices, computers and software. Moreover, in order to keep up with the requirements of the labour market, specialists from IT companies deliver lectures and conduct application activities at the faculty. Thus, the faculty has concluded partnerships and collaborates with companies such as Siemens, Miele, Preh, Benchmark, Continental Automotive, ARC, FotoNation, Waters, etc. Furthermore, four faculty laboratories are equipped by the partner companies. The recent statistics show that 90% of our students find jobs in this field of study immediately after graduation. Students have the opportunity to study a semester or even a whole year as Erasmus students, at one of the 74 partner universities in Europe, in countries such as: the Netherlands, Italy, France, Great Britain, Denmark, etc



Transilvania University of Brașov offers students 10 types of scholarships. Students with outstanding academic results and youth involved in community life receive scholarships from our University – “Excellence Scholarship of Transilvania University of Brașov”, amounting to 3.000 lei, and “Student-Campus Internship Scholarship”.

The high school valedictorians who become our students are rewarded and stimulated, the valedictorians of our bachelor’s study programmes are awarded, the students with material difficulties and outstanding performances are supported and encouraged.

In our university centre, there are two large student campuses - 13 dormitories, totalling 4.200 accommodation places (185 - 315 RON / month). Each campus has a canteen-restaurant. Sports facilities (a football field with night lights, four gyms) are permanently open to students

We have over 30 laboratories equipped with cutting-edge devices, computers and software. The faculty frequently organizes events and competitions in partnership with IT companies

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